I have to reinstate my broker license by August 2010 or my real estate license will be terminated by R.E.C.O.



Not all real estate agents in Ontario wait until the last minute or second before getting into a panick about saving their license before it gets terminated forever.  Most realty salespeople really do plan ahead to protect their hard to earn real estate professional credentials but sometimes we forget or it could just be a case of current busy overload.


It’s just good practice and good insurance if you will, to park your real estate license here in Ontario with a hold your license brokerage specialist.  You can do this whether you are a real estate broker or just a realty salesperson.  You have your reasons for becoming inactive in realty sales and they maybe very personal to you, yet you are smart and refuse to let your licence lapse or be terminated.

Intelligent real estate salepeople and Brokers, in addition to all the thousands of new graduates having passed and qualified for their real estate license, are fully aware and appreciate the incredible value they now hold in their hands.  That powerful real estate license opens all kinds of amazing doors and opportunities even for your future use where today you decided to travel a different path.


Reinstate your real estate license and invest in the small fee it takes to maintain what you worked hard for.  Protect and hold your license active without risking its loss and find out all the information you need to park your license today.


Refer to the reputable real estate brokerage of New World 2000 realty Inc., and Philip Caputi, Broker of Record at 416-453-8215 or Toll Free at 1-800-537-1931 or visit:

Hold Your Licence Form




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